3 Easy Tips – How to Make Book Club Fun

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  • Fun book club ideas! Avoid boring book club meetings. Ideas and decorating tips to transform a dull book club into an exciting and inspired book club party!

Sounds like more fun already, right? Yes!

3 Easy Tips How to Make Book Club Fun

1. What’s In a Name? Everything!

Fun Book Club Names
  • Is attendance at your book club starting to drop off? Are your book club meetings becoming boring and hum-drum. Well, maybe it’s time to think about a new name for your book club.
  • You may well ask, “What’s in a name?” Everything! So try to come up with a name that sounds fun and exciting! Even a name as simple as “Book Club Party Night!” sounds more exciting than some of the catchy book club names I have seen in the past.
  • You might ask your book club members to throw out some new fun book club name ideas.

Plan Your Fun & Exciting Book Club Party!

2. Let’s talk about your book club meeting venue.

Fun Book Club Ideas
  • Are you meeting in your home and/or in the homes of the book club members? If yes, then why not try shaking things up a little by taking it to the streets.


  • Well not the streets, exactly. But you could consider having some of your book club meetings at various restaurants, a wine bar or during a happy hour. And how about having your next book club meeting at a lovely tea room with Royal High Tea? That would be awesome!

3. Book Club Meeting Decorating Ideas

Book Club Books

How to Decorate for Your Book Club Party

  • First, look to your club’s book of the month selection for ideas.
  • My most recent book club party book selection was based on a book that took place by the Cornish seaside in England.
    • The main female character loved to collect sea glass down by the water and she lived in a houseboat.
    • The main male character nicknamed his love interest “goose” which was in reference to a particular type of daisy referred to as “little goose.”
    • His father developed and grew new and unique types of flowers, so there was much talk of flowers in the book.
Book Club Decorations
  • The cover of the book was an illustration of the Cornish seaside.
  • I began to plan my book club decorating ideas around the beautiful color palette of the book cover and other elements presented in the storyline of the book.
Book Club Decorating with Flowers

Here’s how I decorated this book club party:

  • Covered the tables with Caribbean blue party tablecloths
  • Filled several small flower vases with flowers reminiscent of those mentioned in the book and pictured on the book cover
  • Printed and framed a color photo of the book cover and placed it on the book club meeting table along with a framed color photo of a houseboat that fit the description of the houseboat in the story
  • Placed small sea shells and sea colored glass pieces on the table around the base of each flower vase

My book club members were amazed when they entered the room and saw all the pretty party decorations.

  • We felt immersed in the story.
  • And the decorating details of the book cover, houseboat, flowers, sea glass and sea shells provided beautiful and helpful inspiration for our Book Club Party discussion.
      • So go ahead and do some book club decorating with party decorations that complement the story of your book club book selection.

Bonus Book Club Tip

Audrey Hepburn Costume
  • How about asking all the book club members to dress up as the characters in the book? For example, if your book of the month is the autobiography of Audrey Hepburn, your book club members could dress up Audrey Hepburn style.
  • Book club costumes! How fun would that be? I think I will try this with my next book club meeting! I can just see my book club members dressing up in Shakespearean costumes like Romeo and Juliet. That would be awesome!








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