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Cool 1950’s Theme Party Decorations, 50’s Party Costumes, Music, Party Props, Party Supplies. Party Guests Flip Out for Elvis Impersonator Tribute Artist.

Be a cool cat! Add excitement to your 1950’s Sock Hop! Make your 50’s theme party a screaming bash! Hire an Elvis Impersonator Tribute Artist. Dig it! Your 1950s party guests will make the scene dressed in fun 50’s costumes and rock-a-round the clock at the hop with Elvis.

Thinking About Throwing a 50’s Theme Party, But Not Quite Sure How to Make it Fun and Exciting for Your Guests?
  • Don’t worry, 50’s parties are very popular and sure to please. Here’s how to make sure your 1950’s costume party is a big hit! Consider hiring an Elvis impersonator, also referred to as an Elvis Tribute artist. Your party guests will absolutely love singing along with Elvis.
  • Your guests will enjoy a wonderful evening dancing the most popular 50’s dances to the greatest hits 1950s music, especially the romantic 50’s slow dances too! Your party guests, whether they are adults, teens or children, will take home precious memories that will stay with them forever. And they will have you to thank for it!
1950s Music Jukebox 45 RPM Vinyl Record
1950s Music Jukebox 45 RPM Vinyl Record
50s Car Hop Costume
50s Car Hop Costume
Elvis Presley Impersonator Elvis Tribute Artist
Elvis Presley Impersonator Elvis Tribute Artist
50s Roller Skates
50s Roller Skates
50's Sock Hop Party Music
50’s Sock Hop Party Music
 Now Let’s Get Started Planning How to Throw Your 50’s Theme Party Sock Hop
  • First, have you decided to hire an Elvis impersonator to perform at your party? Should you include that information in the party invitation?
    • If you are throwing a 50’s surprise birthday party or anniversary party, you may want to keep Elvis as a surprise. Then you can introduce your Elvis performer as the big reveal!
    • If Elvis is not part of a surprise, then you certainly can include the information in the party invitation.
  • Now it’s time to send out your sock hop party invitations asking your guests to arrive dressed in 1950’s fashion and 50s theme party costumes.
Next Let’s Get Going with All the Awesome 50’s Party Decorations
Like Wow! Your Party Needs 1950’s Party Music
  • Music is very important, so be sure to get your 1950’s playlist in order.
  • Your party guests want to rock around the clock, so keep them dancing with a great variety of the most popular 50’s party music .
  • Even if an Elvis impersonator will perform at your party, you need party music playing before and after the performance.
  • You should include 1950’s rock and roll music and some 50’s love songs as well.
Money Saving Alternate Plan for 1950’s Theme Party
  • To save time and money on decorations, you may be able to schedule your 50’s party at a restaurant venue.
  • I threw a 1950’s theme party at a local restaurant.
    • An Elvis tribute artist performs at the restaurant monthly, so I just made a reservation and invited my friends to attend a performance.
    • We enjoyed the Elvis Presley Dinner Show as Elvis sang to us and danced with us too.
    • Then Elvis formed a conga line and we did the conga all through the restaurant. What fun we had!
1950’s Slang Words and Phrases

Ape as in “go Ape” – To explode or be really mad 
Are you writing a book? – You’re asking too many questions 

Baby – Cute girl 
Back seat bingo – Necking in the back seat of a car 
Bad news – Depressed person 
Bash – Big fun party 
Big Daddy – a male adult 
Bit – Putting on an act 
Blast –  Really good time 
Boss – Awesome 
Bread – Money 
Bug “You bug me” – To bother someone

Cat “he’s a cool cat!”- A hip person
Chariot – Car 
Cherry – Car in original condition

Classy chassis – good looking body 
Cloud 9 – Super happy 
Cook, cookin’ – Doing something really well 
Cool – Special and unique 
Cool it – Calm down, stop it 
Cranked – Excited (Beats) 
Crazy “Like crazy,man” – Really good
Cruisin’ for a bruisin’ – Making trouble 
Cut out – Leave a place 
Daddy-O – Term used to address another man/guy

Deuce Coupe – A 1932 Ford (hot-rodders) 

Dibs – Claiming something 
Dig – To comprehend; to like 

Don’t have a cow – Don’t get so upset 
Drag – A boring person or situation
D.A. – greaser hairstyle

Eyeball – Stare at or look around

Fake Out – A bad date 
Fast – Someone who was sexually active 
Flat-top – Men’s hairstyle. A crewcut which is flat across the top 

Flip Out – Get very excited 
Flip-top – A convertible car 
Floor it – Push the accelerator to the floor
Fracture – To amuse 
Fream – Someone who doesn’t fit in 
Frosted – Angry 
Get Bent! – Disparaging remark as in “drop dead”
Get with it – Understand 
Gig – Work, job (Beats) 
Go ape – Get very excited 
Go for pinks – A drag race where the stakes are the car’s pink slip (hot-rodders) 
Goof – Someone who makes mistakes 
Goopy – Messy 
Goose it – Accelerate the car fully (hot-rodders) 
Greaser – A guy with tons of grease in his hair, which later came to describe an entire group of people. Yes, John Travolta in Grease. 
Grody – Sloppy, messy or dirty 
Hang – As in “hang out” which means to do very little 
Haul ass – Drive very fast (hot-rodders) 
Heat – Police (Beats) 
Hep – With it, cool. Someone who knows the situation. 
Hip – Someone who is cool, in the know. Very good. 
Hipster – Same as above 
Hopped up – A car modified for speed (hot-rodders) 
Horn – Telephone 
Hottie – A very fast car (hot-rodders) 

Illuminations – Good ideas, thoughts 
In orbit – In the know 
Ivy Leaguer – Pants style. Also any person who attended an Ivy League college 

Jacked Up – Car with raised rear end. (hot-rodders) 
Jacketed – Going steady 
Jelly Roll – Men’s hair combed up and forward on both sides, brought together in the middle of the forehead. 
Jets – Smarts, brains 

Kick – A fun or good thing; Also, a fad 
Kill – To really impress 
Knuckle sandwich – A fist in the face 
Kookie – Nuts, in the nicest possible way 

Later, also later, gator – Goodbye. See ya later, alligator. Response: after while crocodile. 
Lay a patch – To accelerate so rapidly that you leave a patch of rubber on the road. 
Lay on – To give (Beats) 
Lighter – A crew cut 
Like crazy; like wow – Really good, better than cool 

Machine – A car (hot-rodders) 
Made in the shade – Success guaranteed 
Make out – A kissing session 
Make the scene – To attend an event or activity 
Meanwhile, back at the ranch – From TV Westerns. Usually used to get a storyteller back on track. 
Mirror warmer – A piece of pastel fabric (often cashmere) tied around the rear view mirror. A 50s version of the Medieval wearing your lady’s colors. 
Most – A in “the most” – high praise usually of the opposite sex 
Nerd – Same as now. Bill Gates without the money.
No sweat – No problem 
Nowhere – Opposite of cool.

Odd ball – Someone a bit off the norm 
Off the line – Start of a drag race (hot-rodders) 
On the stick – Pulled together. Bright, prepared… 

Pad – Home 
Paper shaker – Cheerleader or Pom Pom girl 
Party pooper – No fun at all 
Passion Pit – Drive-in movie theatre 
Pop the Clutch – Release the clutch pedal quickly so as to get a fast start 
Pound – Beat up 
Punch it – Step on the gas (hot-rodders) 
Put down – To say bad things about someone 

Radioactive – Very popular 
Rag Top – A convertible car 
Rattle your cage – Get upset 
Raunchy – Messy or gross in some other way 
Real gone – Very much in love. Also unstable. Hmm, there’s a difference? 
Reds – The Communists 
Righto – Okay 
Rocket – A car (hot-rodders) 
Rod – A car (hot-rodders) 
Royal shaft – Badly or unfairly treated 

Scream – Go fast 
Screamer – A hot rod 
Souped up – A car modified to go fast 
Spaz – Someone who is uncoordinated. A clutz. 
Split – Leave 
Square – An average, normal person 
Think Fast – Usually said right before someone threw something at you 
Threads – Clothes 
Tight – Good friends 
Unreal – Exceptional 
Wail – Go fast 
Wet rag – Someone who’s just no fun









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