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“Turn your monthly Bunco game night into a Casino Theme Party with inexpensive decorations.”

Transform Your Monthly Bunco Game Night into a Casino Theme Party with Inexpensive Decorations

  • Online party stores offer cheap casino theme party decorations, less than ten bucks!  Ask your guests to dress in casino theme colored clothing of red, black, gold, and white. Your local Kroger bakery will even special make a Casino style cake for just a little more than the ready made cakes sitting on the bakery shelf. Will your game night guests be bringing potluck dishes to the party? Print casino–like food station signs on red paper. Want to make an inexpensive casino style hat? Glue together some playing cards to form a hat and attach a red dollar store flower.


How to Play Bunco

If you have never played Bunco before, don’t worry, it’s EASY!

Here is How to Play Bunco:

  • Bunco is a game of dice. Bunco is also spelled as Bunko. Bunco is often played in social groups and at monthly game nights. To add to the excitement, players may choose to contribute a few dollars a piece for the pot or maybe prizes instead. The pot of cash or prizes will be won at the end of the night by players according to their Bunco scores. Party food, wine and cocktails, as well as talking and laughter among the players often accompanies the rolling of the dice throughout Bunco game night.


  • Bunco is a fun and fast-paced game of chance, but it’s also a great excuse to spend time with friends! The game of Bunco is played at tables of four in competing teams of two. An arrangement of three or four tables of players is common, with tables ranked “high” to “low” to organize movement between the tables between rounds. A round consists of “rolling for” a specific number on the dice. It’s perfectly okay if you are new to Bunco. The more experienced players will help you along and you will catch on quickly. So have fun because Bunco is just that easy!

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