How to Make Life Size Frankenstein Monster Halloween Horror Party Prop

Step 2

Long Neck Mannequin Head and a Wire Hanger

Before I could put the Frankenstein mask over the long neck foam mannequin head, I needed to consider how to make the t-shirt and jacket hang from the mannequin. So, I used a hanger.

insert wire hanger into mannequin head
Insert wire hanger into mannequin head
  • I took a wire hanger and twisted the wire hook at the top 90 degrees.
  • Then, being very careful not to damage the Styrofoam, I did my best to cleanly insert the wire hook of the hanger into the center of the back of the mannequin head.
  • On the particular mannequin head I used, I inserted the hook of the hanger approximately 6 inches up from the center of base of the back of the mannequin skull.

Step 3

Fitting the Frankenstein Monster Mask Over Mannequin Head

The mask will only be partially stuffed as it needs to fit over the mannequin head.

partially stuff Frankenstein mask

  • First, I crumbled up a couple of heavy gauge plastic bags and stuffed them into the Frankenstein latex mask so it will hold its shape really well. I did not stuff the mask completely because it will still need to fit over the mannequin head.
    Gently fit Frankenstein mask over mannequin head
  • Next, I carefully placed the stuffed mask over the mannequin head. I had to add and takeaway some stuffing in the mask a couple of times before it fit over the mannequin head just right. 


Frankenstein Monster Mask Boris Karloff

I think that this is an awesome Frankenstein mask! I used this Frankenstein Monster mask because I think it’s realistic and a truly authentic representation of the one and only Boris Karloff Frankenstein Monster from back in 1931! I don’t how many of these Universal Studio Frankenstein masks are left, but if you’re lucky you might still snag one here. And if you’re planning on throwing a classic horror movie theme party, this Frankenstein movie collection would be really fun! Ha! I wished I would have thought of having a brain like the one in the Young Frankenstein movie.


Step 4

Dressing Up Frankenstein’s Upper Body

With the mannequin head setup on the chair, here’s how I dressed up my Frankenstein.

Gently pull t-shirt over Frankenstein mask and hangerCardboard for Frankenstein Monster Chest



Frankenstein party prop t-shirt stuffing and safety pins

Frankenstein monster tee-shirt

Frankenstein monster party prop mask coat jacket clothes costume



  • First I placed a dark colored tee-shirt over the mask, mannequin and hanger.
  • Then I used safety pins to secure the latex mask to the t-shirt, front and back.
  • First, I placed a dark colored t-shirt over the mask, mannequin and hanger.
  • Next, I stuffed the t-shirt with plastic bags full of shredded paper.
  • And I secured the plastic bags inside the t-shirt, with the safety pins outside the t-shirt,
  • Taking care to place the safety pins in places that would be covered up by the coat/jacket.
  • Then to give Frankenstein a broad chest, I inserted a long flap from a cardboard box inside the t-shirt over the “chest” area.
  • I secured the cardboard chest flap to the t-shirt with large safety pins.
  • Next, I pulled the t-shirt all the way down.
  • Then I secured the bottom of the t-shirt with safety pins, front, back and sides, to keep the stuffing inside.
  • Next, I carefully put the coat/jacket on Frankenstein, taking care not to bend the hanger out of shape.
  • Then to keep the coat/jacket in place, I used safety pins on the inside of the jacket to secure the collar and shoulders to the t-shirt. 

Step 5  

Making the Lower Body for Frankenstein Monster Party Prop



  • I found an old pair of black yoga pants for Frankenstein’s pants and and stuffed them with plastic bags full of shredded paper and other items such as bubble wrap and packing air bags.
  • Then I closed the bottom of the pant legs with rubber bands to secure the stuffing.
  • Next, I placed the top of the pants on the chair, setting them in front of the upper body and pulled the tee-shirt over the pants.
    frankenstein monster Halloween party propFrankenstein Halloween party prop
    frankenstein monster party prop




  • I thought I might have to pin the pants to the t-shirt, but it wasn’t necessary, the pants stayed put during the party.
  • For Frankenstein’s shoes, I found a very old pair of work boots out in the garage. I guess if you want to get fancy you could buy a pair of men’s black boots that look more like the ones worn in the Frankenstein movie. I set the boots on the floor in front of the chair and just barely set the rubber-banded pant leg bottoms into the tops of the boots. The boots stayed put through-out the party as well.
  • Lastly, I used a pair of black work gloves for Frankenstein’s hands. I fitted the gloves on a pair of plastic skeleton hands I found at my local dollar store. Then I stuck the gloved hands into the sleeves of Frankenstein’s jacket. The gloved hands stayed put throughout the party.                                                      Frankenstein ready for lots of Halloween party photo ops!  Frankenstein Horror Movie Theme Party Prop



  • Watch the Video: How To Make Frankenstein Life Size Party Prop Easy:

  • It was very easy to transport my Frankenstein party prop to and from the party in two pieces instead one. At the party, all I had to do was put the upper body on the chair and then place the pants on the chair and put the pant legs in the boots.
  • So that’s it! That’s how I created a Frankenstein party prop for my Halloween photo booth.
  • Along with all the other Halloween horror party decorations, scene setters, and photo backdrops, Frankenstein was a big hit at the party!
  • My guests loved him and posed with him all night long!













Classic Horror Movie Theme Halloween Party

Throw a Classic Horror Movie Themed Party. Tips for Adults Horror Party or Halloween Party for Children. Horror Costumes and Horror Party Decorations ideas.

I am award winning party event planner and lover of the classic horror movie genre. So I really enjoy opportunities to plan Halloween parties for Adults and children featuring popular vintage horror movie characters. I decorated my Horror Party as if my guests were attending a classic horror movie at the theater. The scary monsters, vampires and fiends of the old 1930’s black and white horror films include some of the best horror movie characters of all time. And that is a great place to start for planning and throwing a horror movie theme party!

Horror Party

Let’s Get Started Planning Your Horror Party!

In your Horror Party invitations, provide your guests with some costume ideas from the old classic horror movies.

Horror Movie Theme Party

Horror Party Costume Ideas

  • Svengoolie –As the party host it’s cool to dress up as Svengoolie, the Horror Movie TV Host character. Then you can greet your party guests in proper ghoulish style.
  • Dr. Frankenstein
  • Dr. Frankenstein’s Nurse or Laboratory Assistant
  • Igor
  • Bride of Frankenstein Costume
  • Frankenstein Monster
  • Vampire Dracula Costume

Frankenstein Costume



Dracula Costume


  • Mummy
  • Invisible Man
  • Wolf Man – Werewolf
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Creature of the Black Lagoon
  • Frau Blucher –this horror movie character is from Young Frankenstein. For a Frau Blucher diy costume, dress in German style clothing as an old housemaid. Frau Blucher is not from the classic horror film era, but the character adds fun to the party. Every time someone speaks the name, “Frau Blucher” everyone should make a horse whinny sound.


Horror Movie Costumes


Movie Theater Horror Party Decorations and Party Props

  • Movie Marquee Add lettering: Now Playing – Title of Horror Film
  • Red tie-back curtains or movie theater red curtain backdrop for entrance to the “movie theater”
  • Movie theater ticket booth – make out of wood or cardboard
  • Movie theater tickets to hand out to guests/visitors
  • Popcorn –Popcorn can be store bought or you can pre-pop it. Then place the popcorn in red and white popcorn paper bags for your Halloween party guests.Theater tickets to hand out to guests/visitors


Halloween Party Props

Halloween Party Props Entrance

Place the following items just inside theater curtains as an entrance to your Halloween Horror Party scene:

  • Old Movie Camera/Projector – make out of cardboard and other materials
  • Add an audio recording with the sound of an old vintage movie projector
  • Strobe lights through-out room to mimic old B/W film
  • Movie theater tickets to hand out to guests/visitors
  • Popcorn –Popcorn can be store bought or you can pop it at home, then place the popcorn in red and white popcorn paper bags for your Halloween party guests.Theater tickets to hand out to guests/visitors

Halloween Decorations

Horror Party Decorations






Horror Party Decorations and Party Props

    • Graveyard Scene:
      • Grave Tombstones
      • Empty grave site, shovel, skeleton or fake Halloween body parts
    • Castle Scene Setter – castle stone wall backdrop to decorate walls
    • Castle Stairway, Window Scene Setter
    • Black Plastic Tablecloth Roll for walls – to help create the black and white horror film scene
    • Black and White Streamers – hang in front of the black plastic tablecloth on walls to add depth to the black and white horror movie scene
    • Closed Coffin with Candelabra on Top
    • Make an open Coffin with body or mummy inside
    • Operating Table for Frankenstein Monster
    • Fake Electrical Equipment Apparatus for Operating Table
    • Attach clear or white light set around fake electrical equipment
    • Place a Frankenstein Monster dummy on the operating table
      • For Frankenstein Monster dummy: use a realistic latex Boris Karloff Frankenstein mask for the head and stuff to hold it’s shape.
      • For the Frankenstein Monster body: stuff a Frankenstein Monster Costume or a black or dark green men’s jacket and a pair of men’s black pants. Add big black boots for the feet and large fake latex hands or large black gloves for the hands.
    • Why not let your party guests have some fun with this horror party theme? Make a Halloween Frankenstein life size party prop easy. Watch my YouTube video:

  • Affix two wide black belts to strap down the the Frankenstein monster to to the table
  • Use Dr. Frankenstein audio, “It’s Alive” audio (26 second audio can be found on Youtube
  • Use lots of Spider Web material through-out you horror movie party scene
  • Halloween Music Playlist for your party guests dancing and listening pleasure

These Halloween Horror Party Plan Ideas and Tips are suggestions for you to get started planning your own Horror Party for Adults or Halloween Party for teens, kids or children. The suggestions above should help get you on the right road to planning your own very special Horror Party according to your own preferences. Good Luck and Happy Party Planning! I hope you throw the best Halloween Horror Party ever!

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