How to Play Pokeno – 3 Easy Steps

How to Play Pokeno Card Game – 3 Easy Steps

Learn How to Play Pokeno in 3 Easy Steps with Easy Beginner Rules. The Pokeno Card Game is like Poker. Read my Pokeno Blog Post with Poker Hand Value List. Watch my Pokeno YouTube Video. You Will be Playing Pokeno in No Time!

Basic Pokeno Rules

Step 1

  • From the Pokeno Card Game Box, each player is given a Pokeno game card and poker/bingo chips.
    • To begin, one player will act as the dealer and will call cards from the deck of playing cards.
            • For example, as the dealer calls the cards it should sound something like this:
              • Queen of Hearts, 3 of Hearts, 10 of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds, and so on.

        • Each Winner of a Pokeno game will act as the next dealer and call the cards.
        • The dealer should be sure to shuffle the deck of cards before each game begins.
        • The Pokeno dealer does not have to be a player:
          • The Pokeno card game can also be played with a dealer, who is not a player, and will only call the cards.
          • If your Pokeno group will play at several different tables, be sure to have extra card tables and chairs on hand.
        How to Play Pokeno Card Game
        How to Play Pokeno Card Game

         Step 2 

        • When the dealer calls a card that appears on the players’ game cards, the players will place a chip on that space on their card.
        • The cards will continue to be called until a player has completed a horizontal or vertical row of 5 chips.
        • When that occurs, the winning player should exclaim, “Out!” 

        Step 3

        According to the basic rules of Pokeno, the game can be scored in either of two ways:

        1. The winning player takes all the remaining chips from the other players’ game boards, or
        2. The winning player receives a “prize” based on their hand’s poker value.
          • The type of “prize” won will be determined by the group before the game begins

        Additional How to Play Pokeno Game Easy Beginner Information:

        • The official rules of Pokeno (Basic Game) suggest chips be valued according to poker-hand. 
        • I have included a Poker Hand Value List for you in this blog post. And if you are not familiar with poker hands, I have included a list for you at the bottom of this post.

        That’s all there is to it! Now you know: How to Play Pokeno! Be sure to watch my “How to Play Pokeno” game video series.

    And don’t forget to make your Pokeno Game Night festive with some Casino party decorations

    Poker Hand Value List
    Poker Hand Value List