Frankenstein Monster Halloween Party Prop Project

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The Frankenstein Monster Halloween party project list below is everything you need to make a  Halloween photo booth that will provide some really fun photo ops for your party guests!


Frankenstein Party Prop


Everything you need to make a Frankenstein Monster Halloween Party Prop that will make your Halloween Party more fun than a barrel full of horror monsters!



Here’s What You Need to Create a Frankenstein Party Prop

  1. Universal Studios Frankenstein Monster Overhead Mask.
  • This latex mask is very realistic and is actually an awesome representation of the one and only Boris Karloff Frankenstein monster from back in 1931!
  • The Frankenstein mask was my biggest expenditure for this project, but the realism it provided was well worth the cost.
  1. Long Neck Styrofoam Mannequin Head
  • I already had the long neck mannequin head in the video in my home and it has a hole inside the base.
  •  Please be sure that the mannequin head you buy actually does have a hole in the base, as it is necessary for this party prop.
  1. Wire Clothes Hanger
  • I used a rather flimsy wire clothes hanger, which I lived to regret. I would suggest using a stronger, sturdier wire clothes hanger to support the t-shirt and especially if you are using a coat rather than a suit jacket.
  1. Safety Pins
  • Large and Medium size safety pins
  • The safety pins were used for:
    • Attaching the latex mask to the t-shirt
    • Securing the coat/jacket to the t-shirt
    • Securing the gloves to the coat/jacket sleeves
    • Closing the pants waist to secure the stuffing
  1. Stuffing for the Frankenstein party prop
  • I used various items that I had around my home for the stuffing such as:
  • Some heavy gauge plastic bags (which I used to stuff the latex mask)
  • Plastic bags full of shredded paper, other items such as bubble wrap and packing air bags to stuff Frankenstein’s clothing.
  1. Pipe
  • A small piece of light weight metal pipe to be used as the “body” and to connect the mannequin head to a base for stability.
  • The pipe I used was actually part of an old metal broom handle.
  • I cut the metal broom handle down to 17 inches, but you can do whatever size works for your project.
  1. Cardboard Box
  • Next, I used a rectangular cardboard box as a base to connect the mannequin head to the “body” of the party prop.
  • But first I placed something heavy in the cardboard box to stabilize it and make it strong enough to hold the head and “body” of the party prop without toppling over.
  1. Frankenstein’s Clothing
  • Men’s green colored t-shirt looks good with the Frankenstein mask
  • Men’s black coat
    • I used a men’s black suit jacket from Goodwill
  • Black Pants
    • I used an old black pair of yoga pants (I closed the bottom of the pant legs with rubber bands to secure the stuffing)
  • Big black boots (I actually used a pair of old beat up work boots that I found out in our garage)
  • Black gloves or whatever other way you may decide to do the hands.
    • I used a pair of black work gloves I had in my home.
    • Then I placed the gloves on a pair of plastic skeleton hands that were from last year’s Halloween decorations.


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