How to Build a Childrens Birthday Party Pirate Ship

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How to Build a Pirate Ship for a Children’s Party.

Easy DIY project. Great photo op for kids’ pirate birthday party. Great for adult pirate party too.

You can also make wood or cardboard propellers to transform it to a steampunk pirate airship. Have pirate ship, will travel. Our pirate ship design creates a pirate ship that is made to travel with ease. Our wooden ship folds in half and fits in your hatch back with the seats folded down. We actually transported our pirate ship in a Toyota Prius. We loaded it through the hatch with the back seats folded down. And another time we loaded it up in a Hyundai Tucson the same way.

Argh! You don’t have to be an expert to make this simple pirate ship party prop and with a few easy additions you can make a steampunk pirate airship as well. Avast me hearties! Get ye olde pirate hat or ye steampunk top hat on and let’s get to work on building a pirate ship with lightweight plywood and a saber saw. See photos and instructions below.


How to Build Pirate Ship for Children’s Birthday Party


Build a Pirate Ship for a Adult Pirate Party


You will need the following items and tools to build a pirate ship like this one:

  • Saber saw
  • Lightweight wood ¼” to ¾” plywood
  • Wood glue
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • 2 Metal hinges
  • Wood cleat to construct masts
  • Nuts and bolts (2 sets per mast)
  • Pencil or marker (to outline ship)
  • Paint for body of ship and masts
  • Paint for the optional ocean waves


Instructions on How to Build a Pirate Ship:

  • Refer to the photos above and click on each photo for a larger view
  • On your plywood, free hand the ship outline and any windows or cutouts you want on your ship, such as cutout for cannons
  • Cut out your pirate ship design with your saber saw
  • Then cut the pirate ship in half
    • Attach hinges (as shown) to the rear of the ship
  • If you would like to add some extra design to your pirate ship, here is what we did:
    • Using scrap plywood, form long strips and glue them to the front of the ship
    • Use the plywood from your cutouts to create a design by gluing them below the long strips you glued above
  • Create the masts for your pirate ship using the wood cleat
    • If you want your ship to travel, be sure to construct it to easily detach and re-attach the masts and remember to bring your tools
  • You may also want to create an ocean waves feature on the bottom of your ship
    • Draw the ocean waves design on plywood
    • Cut out your wave design
    • Attach the ocean waves design to the pirate ship with wood glue
  • Important! You should consider how your pirate ship will be securely displayed at the birthday party. It is very important to decide if you need to make any additions or modifications in order to safely display your pirate ship to ensure it does not fall backward or forwards.


Check back soon for easy tips on how I decorated and transformed our little wooden pirate ship, originally built for a children’s pirate birthday party, into a Steampunk Pirate Ghost Airship for an awesome Adult Steampunk Pirate Party.







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