Outta Sight 1960’s Themed Party Ideas

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Outta Sight Groovy Ideas for Yolo 1960’s Themed Party Costumes, Hippie Costumes, Flower Child Fashion Tips, 60’s Party Accessories, Decorations and Music

About the 1960’s Decade

Whether you are a child of the 1960’s or not, a 1960’s themed party is so much fun! A 60’s theme party celebrates the era of the flower child, hippie culture, folk music, Motown, and rock ‘n’ roll. The 1960’s decade was also all about the “British Invasion” giving us the music of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and many other popular British bands of the sixties.

1960’s Fashion and Culture

Fashion models of the 60’s wore mini-skirts, go-go boots, and the very popular Gibson hairdo. Flower child clothing usually consisted of long flowing cotton dresses, which is considered Boho fashion style today. Wearing hair ribbons, a single flower in the hair or a wreath of flowers around the head was very popular flower child traditions.

Hippie’s wore colorful shirts with jeans. Sandals were the most common choice for hippie and flower children footwear. Hippies frequently wore tie-dye tee shirts, necklaces, beads, bandannas and jeans with wide belts. Some hippies lived a communal lifestyle. And the “love-in” was considered a common practice of the hippie culture.

The “mop top” became a popular hairstyle for young men emulating the Beatles. Other popular 1960’s fashion included the navy blue men’s pea coat and women’s suede boots. Many teenage boys and young men, destined to be drafted during the Vietnam war era, wore army green military jackets.

Want to make your 1960’s party more fun and authentic by speaking the popular lingo of the decade? Then, scroll on down this page to read the section entitled: Common Sayings and 1960’s Slang.

1960’s Theme Party Costumes

1960’s party costumes are very easy to find. Hippie costumes can be purchased new or just put together from thrift store clothing and/or clothes in your closet. Keep in mind the 1960’s fashion and culture to help you dress as a flower child, hippie, hippie chick, go-go dancer, or even a fashion model, like Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton. Other 1960’s party costume ideas include dressing as a rock ‘n’ roll star or a Motown group like The Supremes or The Temptations.

1960’s Theme Party Costume Accessories

John Lennon of the Beatles, made metal-rimmed, colored sunglasses a very popular fashion craze which are still available as popular costume accessories today. Many party stores as well as Amazon.com carry lots of 60’s party accessories like: peace symbol necklaces, love beads, toy tambourines, flowery hair wreaths, tie-dye shirts, bandannas and wide belts. Other 1960’s costume accessories include Mop-top wigs and the very popular 1960’s style women’s go-go boots.

1960’s Theme Party Decorations

To decorate your 60’s theme party try tie-dye table covers and tie-dye colored paper lanterns. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some old 1960’s record album covers, you can display them at your party. Other 1960’s party decorations include items like inflatable guitars, love beads, and lots of wild flowers reminiscent of the flower child. We also used a tie-dye wall decorating kit, and a kit of 1960’s style cut outs which consisted of peace symbols. flower shapes and smiley faces. We randomly placed the 60’s style cut-out decorations on our tie-dye table cover to decorate our party display table. For my 1960’s party, we painted and decorated large wine bottles with long necks and used them as flower vases to adorn our party table.  We purchased toy tambourines and tied brightly colored ribbons on them.

1960’s Theme Party Music

For your 1960’s party music, download some 60’s music compilations. Mix it up to include the popular music of the decade, such as: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Motown music and some 60’s folk music too. For my 60’s party, my party guests danced with the toy tambourines (ribbons flowing) and sang to the Fifth Dimension’s Aquarius, Let the Sunshine. It was awesome!

Common Sayings and 1960’s Slang

Consider sending a copy of 1960’s slang list below along with your 1960’s Party invitation. This will help your party guests really get into the 1960’s party scene!

  • Burn rubber – accelerate really fast leaving tire marks on the road
  • Cool – awesome
  • Come Unglued – get upset
  • Far out – beyond explanation
  • Happening – something that is very exciting or fascinating. “That party scene is happening!”
  • Hippie – person during the 1960’s-1970’s who lived against the common principles of societal norms
  • Hung up on: in love with someone and/or obsessed with someone
  • In-crowd -a member of a clique of people who are looked upon as cool and/or elite
  • Joint -a marijuana cigarette
  • Keep on Truckin’ – keep moving fast
  • Knocked up -pregnant
  • Laid back – relaxed
  • Lay it on me – say what you have to say
  • Make out – kissing session
  • Mod – a new fashion style
  • Mop-top – a haircut style similar to that the Beatles
  • My Old Lady – my mother
  • My Old Man – my dad
  • Neato – fantastic
  • No sweat! – That’s easy or not a problem
  • On the make – looking for a date or to have sex
  • Outta sight – very good, awesomesauce
  • Pad – someone’s home or apartment
  • Preggers – pregnant
  • Rap – have a discussion
  • Rat fink – tattletale
  • Rays – sunshine –“Let’s catch some rays on the beach.”
  • Right on – That’s okay. Completely agreeing with someone.
  • Rip off – rob someone, or trick them into to paying for something of little or no value. “That’s a real rip off, man!”
  • Scene -a place where an incident in real life occurs. “Dig, that scene, man!”
  • Score – when a guy gets sex
  • Shades – sunglasses
  • Shake it, don’t break it! – expression about how someone dances
  • Shot down – put off or rejected by another person of the opposite sex
  • Shotgun – passenger seat
  • Skank – a horrible girl
  • Skuzzy – repulsive
  • Sock it to me – Give it to me straight
  • Souped up – lots of extra equipment
  • Split – to leave
  • Sponge – living off another person
  • Square – an uncool person who is not part of the in-crowd
  • Stoned – high on pot
  • Stuck up – someone filled with arrogance or conceit
  • Tell it like it is -tell me the truth
  • The Man – someone of authority, especially in business, law or politics
  • Ticked off – mad or angry at someone or about something
  • Tight – very close friends
  • Toke – taking a puff of a marijuana joint
  • Tune out – to snub or ignore something or someone
  • Turn off – something repulsive
  • Unreal – hard to believe
  • Uptight – tense and unhappy
  • Wipe out – failing at something or falling off a surfboard



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