Planning an Adult Pirate Theme Party

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Easy to Dress Like a Pirate
Put your pirate outfit together from clothes in your closet

Planning an adult pirate theme party? Forget about driving through frustrating traffic to the local party store in order to purchase a pirate costume. Instead, do a little online research. Search Google images for pirate costumes and clothing. Review the images and think about what’s in your closet. Chances are you already have most of the clothes and other items you will need to put together a great pirate costume. And you may be able to borrow a belt from the man in your life to wear pirate style, which is low and loose. You probably also have a scarf that can be tied around you head as a pirate bandana. Do you have any cool high top pirate style boots? Yep, I thought so. Those boots will make great like great boots for a pirate! What about your jewelry? I bet you have some big hoop earrings that work perfectly with your self made pirate costume. So there you go, you are all ready for a pirate theme party and you have your pirate outfit without spending a dime.

“…you are all ready for a pirate theme party and you have your pirate outfit without spending a dime.”


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