Popular June Weddings

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“June weddings remain in fashion and ever popular. June bridal parties continue to be en vogue and the predominant choice for wedding nuptials.”

Popular June Weddings

Pretty in Pink – June Wedding – Lovely Bride and Bridesmaids


June Wedding Bouquet
Beautiful June Wedding Summer Bouquet
We all know that June is “THE” month for Weddings! But why is it so?
  • It may be that wedding events are celebrated primarily in June due to the more favorable weather conditions: not too hot; not too cold; not to rainy; and not too windy.
  • And in most areas, the children are out of school for the summer. That means wedding guests who must travel to attend the blessed wedding event are more apt to be free to do so.
  • June is also a month when florists generally have a greater selection of flowers to offer their wedding event planners for those beautiful and elaborate bridal bouquets.
There is thought to be a historical reason why June may have become quite popular as a month for Weddings.
  • Some like to harken back to the days when farmers had to be concerned about having enough hands to help with harvest time schedules.
  • A marriage in June resulting in a very timely July or August pregnancy might very well result in the bride being physically able to assist with harvesting chores.
  • While most of us are no longer matrimonially motivated by harvesting schedules, June weddings remain in fashion and ever popular.
  • June bridal parties continue to be en vogue and the predominant choice for wedding nuptials.

On the more ethereal side, June is named after an ancient Roman goddess.
  • This goddess was said to be the wife of Jupiter and believed to be the goddess of matrimony and the matrimonial home. Therefore, to be married in June was believed to be good luck and would ensure the bride and groom enjoyed a long and happy marriage.
Juno Roman Goddess of Marriage
Juno Roman Goddess of Marriage


Whether you are an engaged couple planning a June Wedding, or any other time of the year, I wish you much good luck and I hope you will enjoy a blessed, long and happy marriage.






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