1st Place Gilligan’s Island Theme Party

1st Place Gilligan’s Island Theme Party Decorating Ideas. How to Make Cabana Photo Booth, SS Minnow Party Prop, Ocean Backdrop, Luau Castaway Party Decorations.

It’s always such fun to come up with new party plans. You can always come up with new ideas to make your party decorating unique. One such popular party idea is to throw a Gilligan’s Island Costume Party.

First, you will send out your party invitations.

Be sure to let your guests know they should dress up and/or wear Gilligan’s Island party costumes based on the Gilligan’s Island T.V. series cast members:

Gilligan's Island TV Series Cast Image
Gilligan’s Island T.V. Series Cast



Next, you will need to decide how you will set the scene for your island castaway party.

This is where you can get truly and creatively unique. Here are Gilligan’s Island theme party decorating ideas. Feel free to use these ideas to create your own special Gilligan’s Island party scene. Many of these party decorations will also work for other theme parties such as a Hawaiian Luau, Beach Party, and Castaway Party.

Gilligan’s Island Themed Party Decorations – Castaway Party Decorations

  • Ocean and Beach Scene backdrop for wall –Ocean and Beach Backdrop Party Accessory (with sky, ocean and sand) and Beach Backdrop Party Accessory (with sand only)
  • Underwater Scene backdrop –made of bulletin board paper
  • Camp Fire decoration
  • Wooden Crates for seating and tables
  • Minnow buckets
  • Old Radio w/antennae
  • SS Minnow Shipwreck –Follow the link provided to see instructions for how to build a wooden ship. The instructions are the same, except that you will design a boat that resembles the wreck of the S.S. Minnow.
  • SS Minnow Life Preserver Ring
  • Hawaiian Leis –Hawaiian Luau Flower Leis Tropical Party  
  • Luau Grass Table Skirt Decoration with Tropical Flowers –to decorate the cabana or hut and to hang across entrances and exits of party areas
  • Large cardboard box with uncut bottom –to create an old T.V. set –See instructions below: How to Make an Old TV Set from a Cardboard Box and a Photo of the Gilligan’s Island Cast
  • Tropical Island Cabana or Hut –See photos above showing how to build a tropical island cabana, hut or bar
  • Blue Tablecloths to create a faux water feature
  • Inflatable Palm Trees
  • Silk Tree to be placed next to the Cabana or Hut
  • Gorilla costume –to be stuffed and used as decoration
  • Create the Professor’s Lab with old bottles, cans or other items
  • Music: Gilligan’s Island Theme Song and Lyrics
  • Polyester Fiberfill –to make clouds
  • Hooks and Fishing Line –for hanging clouds
  • Printed photos of dolphins, sea birds, and crabs –to decorate beach scene backdrop
  • Printed photos of ocean sea life –to decorate underwater scene backdrop
  • Printed photo of Gilligan’s Island cast members –used as TV screen on old TV set
  • Party streamers –use to decorate walls and to create a tropical forest area –See photo above for how to create a tropical forest area.
  • Light Green and Dark Green construction paper –to create tropical forest leaves
  • Light weight wood –to build an island street sign pedestal –See photo above for how to create and build an island street sign.
  • Scissors, thumbtacks or painters tape, cellophane tape –for hanging scene setter backdrops and affixing photo cutouts to backdrop
  • Black Permanent Marker –for street sign names
  • Hammer, Nails and Saw –to create street signs and sign pedestal

Party and Tableware

  • Pineapple party cups and straws
  • Tropical colored table covers
  • Tropical colored paper napkins
  • Tropical colored party cups
  • Grass Table Skirt Decoration with Tropical Flowers –to decorate party tables

How to Make an Old TV Set from a Cardboard Box and a Photo of the Gilligan’s Island Cast

  1. Find a large cardboard box with a solid (uncut bottom) –the uncut bottom of this box will be the front of your TV set
  2. Envision your old TV set –the box will be set on its side and a photo frame containing a photo of the Gilligan’s’ Island Cast members will be affixed to the center of the uncut bottom of the box.
  3. Then find some old screening and cut it into a rectangular piece to be used as your TV speaker(s)

    How to Make Old TV from Cardboard
    How to Make Old TV from Cardboard
  4. Find some old knobs or bottle caps to be affixed to the front of your TV to be the control knobs to simulate channel changing and volume control.
  5. Find some wire and shape it to look like an old TV antenna, and then place aluminum foil on the antenna wire (because that is what was done back-in-the-day to achieve a clearer picture on the TV screen).Save