How to Go From Party Mom to Event Planner Everyone Loves

How to Go From Party Mom to Event Planner Everyone Loves

Kid's Birthday Party Decorations
Party Decorations for Children’s Birthday Party

“They will offer to make party decorations, costumes, bake a birthday cake, cookies, cupcakes, bring party music, wireless speaker, potluck dishes, beverages.”

You are the best party mom on the block! Your kid’s friends think your children have the most awesome mom. But what about the other parents on the block? Chances are many of the other parents would love to get in on your popularity with their kids. Do you just keep on planning stupendous children’s parties all on your own? Well you could just keep on keeping on.

Here is an alternative you may not have realized exists. Invite the other parents to get in on the event planning fun. You love party planning right? But are you the absolute best at all aspects of party preparation? Well maybe you are and maybe you are not. Give this some real thought. The next time parents come by to pick up their child from a kid’s birthday party you hosted and remark how much their children enjoy your parties; invite the neighborhood parents to help out with the planning, preparation and decorating for your next party event. I bet some of them would even love to help with hosting the party. You will be surprised at all the talented parents out there who will jump at the chance to use their artistic, decorating and crafting talents to make your next party event better than the last.They will offer to make party decorations, costumes, bake a birthday cake, cookies, cupcakes, bring party music, wireless speaker, potluck dishes and beverages.

Children's Big Birthday Party
Children’s Birthday Party Decorations and Balloons

Don’t forget about the music. Ask if any of the parents planning the party have an experience with party music. You may find a couple of “closet D.J.’s” in your child’s friend’s parents. If not just purchase an inexpensive wireless speaker with bluetooth that pairs with your smart phone. Queue up your music and let’s get this party started. And that is how you go from party mom to event planner everyone loves!






Bunco Game Night Casino Theme Party

“Turn your monthly Bunco game night into a Casino Theme Party with inexpensive decorations.”

Transform Your Monthly Bunco Game Night into a Casino Theme Party with Inexpensive Decorations

  • Online party stores offer cheap casino theme party decorations, less than ten bucks!  Ask your guests to dress in casino theme colored clothing of red, black, gold, and white. Your local Kroger bakery will even special make a Casino style cake for just a little more than the ready made cakes sitting on the bakery shelf. Will your game night guests be bringing potluck dishes to the party? Print casino–like food station signs on red paper. Want to make an inexpensive casino style hat? Glue together some playing cards to form a hat and attach a red dollar store flower.


How to Play Bunco

If you have never played Bunco before, don’t worry, it’s EASY!

Here is How to Play Bunco:

  • Bunco is a game of dice. Bunco is also spelled as Bunko. Bunco is often played in social groups and at monthly game nights. To add to the excitement, players may choose to contribute a few dollars a piece for the pot or maybe prizes instead. The pot of cash or prizes will be won at the end of the night by players according to their Bunco scores. Party food, wine and cocktails, as well as talking and laughter among the players often accompanies the rolling of the dice throughout Bunco game night.


  • Bunco is a fun and fast-paced game of chance, but it’s also a great excuse to spend time with friends! The game of Bunco is played at tables of four in competing teams of two. An arrangement of three or four tables of players is common, with tables ranked “high” to “low” to organize movement between the tables between rounds. A round consists of “rolling for” a specific number on the dice. It’s perfectly okay if you are new to Bunco. The more experienced players will help you along and you will catch on quickly. So have fun because Bunco is just that easy!