Protect Cell Phone Event Planning 101

Protect Your Cell Phone – That is Just Event Planning 101

  • The most important aspect of event planning is communication. Event planner communication via smart phone with protective cell phone case is a must.
One of the worst things that has ever happened to me just before an event was the loss of my smart phone.
  • While juggling too many things at once, I dropped my cell phone and it shattered. Mostly party event planning is a blast. However, I just knew my event was ruined as my phone slipped from my grasp and hurtled to the ground bouncing off chairs and tables on it’s way down to it’s ultimate destruction.
  • My mind was racing as I picked up my shattered cell phone and I was thinking what a clumsy fool I was for rushing around trying to accomplish too many things at once.
  • I quickly realized that not only was I unable to communicate with my important event planning crew for that day, but that I had literally lost all my phone contacts. All of my cell phone contact’s names, addresses and phone numbers were gone!
  • Hold on, you might say. Didn’t you have all your phone contacts backed up to the Cloud? No, I did not. Oops! I kept thinking one of these days I need to stop and take the time to figure out how to back up all my phone contacts. But, there I was with a shattered phone and an almost shattered event. 
After that terrible day, I was completely determined to back up all my contacts from my new smart phone to the Cloud.
  • With a little online research I learned the art of backing up all my contacts, photos and more.
  • But, I was still not satisfied that I would not wind up without a phone at one of my events. That concern prompted me to do some more research in the area of protective cell phone cases.
  • After pouring over all the many and differing features of cell phone cases, I finally found one I believed was just what I wanted and with all the features I required.
Important Features of a Cell Phone Case:
  • Attached protective screen shield
  • Two durable layers of protection
  • Hard poly-carbonate outer shell
  • Heavy-duty, shock-absorbent silicone interior skin
  • Allows access to device controls, features and port
  • Holster and/or Belt Clip


I am back on track with my new iphone and a new cell phone case that will protect my phone from me. As I said, this is Event Planning 101.
  • Save your contacts and back up your contacts to the Cloud or whatever online service you use to save important data.
  • The life blood of event planners is our contacts and we can’t do our job without them.
  • I hope that by sharing my unfortunate experience of losing all my business contacts that you can avoid the same situation.
  • If you have not yet backed up your phone contacts, do it now.
  • If you don’t have a protective cover for your smart phone, invest in one now.
  • Still using a flip phone? Oh no, no, no.
    • Get your very own smart phone and join in all the fun. That is with a protective case of course.
  • Now let’s get out there and plan some really exciting parties and events!