Top 5 Best Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

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Top 5 Best Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

Here comes Halloween! The most popular plus size women’s Halloween party costumes are here.

  • And they flying off brick and mortar store shelves and off the pages of online party stores faster than you can blink an eye.
  • If you wear plus size 2X, 3X, 4X and up, the good news is there are lots of plus size costumes.
  • The not so good news is that with Halloween parties just around the corner, plus size women’s costumes will soon be in very short supply or completely sold out.
  • Don’t even think of wasting your precious time going from party store to party store at the malls.
  • You need to make your purchase right now!
  • Let’s get right down to the business at hand by searching the internet for the plus size costume of your dreams.

Here is the Top 5 Best Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women.

These are our picks for the most popular costumes for plus size women:
  1. Alice In Wonderland Costume – Alice Through the Looking Glass Costume: With the 2016 release of Alice Through the Looking Glass, Alice in Wonderland costumes are really hot this year. 
  2. Queen of Hearts: BBW (big beautiful women) everywhere will want a plus size costume of the most popular Alice in Wonderland characters and this Plus Size Queen of Hearts costume is one of them. 
  3. Mad Hatter: Our favorite Alice in Wonderland theme is this plus size women’s Mad Hatter costume. It is one more awesome costume from Alice in Wonderland.
  4. Pirate and/or Pirate Wench Costume: Let’s face it, the pirate costume will never go out of style. I love this pirate wench costume because it does double duty as a pirate costume as well. Just add an inexpensive pirate hat and you are an instant plus size pirate. 
  5. Snow White: Disney never goes out of style. The plus size Snow White costume gives the plus size woman a chance to cross over to the sexy side. But if you want to stay chaste and demure, I suggest adding plus size leggings to this costume.
Don’t forget to accessorize your Halloween costume.
  • Just as with any plus size woman’s ensemble, accessories can make or break your look.
  • We have included some costume accessories that you might like to accessorize your Halloween theme or costume party look.

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