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Become an Event Planner

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Making your party event successful and one to remember quite often requires you to think outside the box.

  • I want to assist you in doing what it takes to make your event memorable. You may be marketing your company, corporation or organization, but you should always be marketing you too! I want to prepare you to make yourself look oh-so-good.

Let’s make your party or event one that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

  • Let’s propose that you are in the process of choosing a venue for your big event and many of your event guests will be from out of town.
  • There are certain aspects you will need to take into consideration, all within company policy, of course.
  • This is where attention to detail can make or break your party event.
  • You need to select an event venue that will keep your out-of-town guests comfortable and happy.

Your guests should never feel as though you have required them to decide between business or pleasure.

  • With this in mind, you should, instead, always plan to place your guests in the middle of all the action.
  • Appeal to their senses by infusing their visit with local flavor. Look for a venue within an area of vibrancy and walkability.
  • Consider cozy hotels, unique restaurants and nearby attractions to make the most of their visit.
  • Choose hotels that offer a savvy, but friendly staff that exudes warm hospitality
  • Also consider if your guests will be interested in lively after-hours entertainment. If so, look for nightly entertainment that provides a spectacular venue for groups.
  • Then be sure to provide your group with an event venue close to after-hours dining and entertainment.

As an event planner you must keep in mind the need for unique and versatile meeting spaces with state-of-the-art facilities, as these elements will combine to ensure your success.

  • Make it a point to become educated regarding which venues offer assistance and necessary services with providers such as:

BAGS – Remote Skycap, Valet, Bag and Coat Check
Centerplate – Catering and Specialty Services
FedEx Office – Business Centers and Mobility Solutions
LMG – Audio/Visual Services
Smart City – Internet, Digital Advertising and Telecommunications

Just imagine how you will soon be planning one-of-a-kind events within unforgettable venues.

  • When you manage all this successfully, your guests will surely regard your big event as icing on the cake!
  • Your ever-developing and improving event planning skills, along with your attention to detail will combine to make all your events memorable.
  • If you have not yet availed yourself with specialized event planning education, I sincerely hope you will.
  • Many colleges and universities offer event planner certifications.
  • Some of the event and wedding planner courses available at colleges combine classroom and web-based training.
  • There are also other organizations that offer event planner certification exclusively through online courses
  • Naturally, your actual on the job experience is of the utmost importance.
  • But it certainly won’t hurt to be certified, especially if you are interested in branching out into other areas of event planning, such as wedding planning and the like.
  • You can always benefit from all the tools of the trade required to be successful.
My advice is to go for it!


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