What is Steampunk Fashion

Ezpzparties Event Planner Party Host - L.J.
Ezpzparties Event Planner Party Host – L.J.

What is Steampunk Fashion?

“Mix the prim and proper Victorian period of dress with, what would seem like, futuristic accessories and you have steampunk fashion.”

First let us ask, what is steampunk itself?

  • Think about seeing things in Victorian times that would never seem scientifically possible, maybe a flying car like the one in an old animated film or maybe a flying pirate ship powered by a hot air balloon and propellers or maybe by an airship (dirigible).
  • Look at the fashion during that conventional and straight laced era in time.
  • Mix the prim and proper Victorian period of dress with, what would seem like, futuristic accessories and you have steampunk fashion.
  • Just think industrial revolution on steroids and high fashion raging right along with it.

Even if you are just a guest, a steampunk party is not just something you attend, rather you “prepare” for it.

  • If you know some crafty ladies, you may even want to get together with them for a pre-party, that is a steampunk craft party in order to make steampunk hats with decorations.
  • What kind of decorations are needed for a steampunk hat and for a steampunk costume or outfit?
  • Steampunk generally includes items such as goggles, old fashioned keys, locks, hats, feathers, compass, gears, gauges, clocks, watches, chains, bustier, full skirts (full skirts hiked up and draped over leggings), pants, vest, poet shirt, jacket, or coat.
  • Search for steampunk style clothing images on the internet.
  • In Steampunk fashion you will notice belts, buckles, boots, gloves, half gloves, goggles, hats, leather, lace, felt, heavy jewelry chains, charms, keys, locks, compasses, vests, full skirts, almost anything goes!

Still not sure what steampunk is all about?

  • Just keep searching the internet for steampunk costumes, clothes, fashion, and decorations.
  • Whether you have been invited to a steampunk pirate party or a general steampunk theme party the costume and accessory possibilities are endless.
  • I bet you have clothes in the back of your closet that will work in creating a steampunk costume.
Some costumes worn to a Renaissance Fair can also work really well for steampunk with a few alterations and additions.
  • After that, all you need do is find some accessories.
  • I got most of my steampunk accessories on Amazon.
  • I purchased a felt top hat real cheap from Amazon and decorated it with an old fashioned Victorian style key and some small bronze and gold colored imitation gears.
  • Here is how easy and fast you can have a Steampunk hat!
  • I did this in just a few minutes with old jewelry, hat pin, wine cork key chain and a key from Amazon.
  • I still have some small imitation gears (also purchased) from Amazon to attach to the hat. Don’t have my goggles yet and I haven’t glued it all together, but you get the idea.







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